Health Services

  1. The National Number stamped from the Civil Registry.
  2. Graduation Certificate for the Medical Director.
  3. Permission to practice for the Doctor from the Association of Physicians. ( Original Copy )
  4. Educational Qualifications.
  5. An official statement of not having a current job, issued from the Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation. ( Original Copy )
  6. An official statement from the Medical Insurance Authority. ( Original Copy )
  7. An official certificate proofs that the chosen name of the institution does not match with any other business entity.
  8. A colored copy of the Identification card or Passport.
  9. A colored copy from the family record book ( Date of Birth and Residency Pages )
  10. An original copy of the rental or ownership contract of the chosen location.
  11. A sketch drawing and detailed drawing of the company from the inside and from a satellite image.
  12. A collection receipt from the General Cleaning Services Company.
  13. Medical residue contract for companies and laboratories. ( Colored Copy )
  14. An official and certified power of attorney from a notary or to visit us in person.
  15. An official health certificate from a laboratory, with 4 personal photos.
  16. An official criminal background record authenticated from a notary.
  17. Commit to providing the necessary equipments and supplies to do the job, and to update and notify the competent authority in the event of any modifications, additions, or adjustments to the building to be constructed.
  18. A CD contains all documents and photographs from inside and outside the building to be constructed.
  19. A registration fee of 180 LYD, to be paid through a certified check to the Ministry of Health.
  20. A written request regarding the field increases to be made, directed to the head of the private sector department. ( Committee + Sponsorship )

Dates and locations of vaccinations in Benghazi

First: The newborn vaccinations, December 2021
Health Facilities Vaccination DaysLocations
Martyrs of Al-Salawi Health CenterSaturday Martyrs of Al-Salawi Area
 Al-Orouba ClinicSunday Ali Bin Abi Talib neighborhood, Traffic Department
Sidi Hussein Health CenterMonday Sidi Hussein next to the Benghazi Diabetes Center
Al-Kish ClinicTuesday Al-Kish Area
New Benghazi Health CenterWednesday Al-Laithi Area, near the Civil Registry, new Benghazi
Khalid Bin Al-Waleed Health CenterThursday Al-Majwry Area
Second: Vaccinate children aged from two months to a year and a half
Health FacilitiesVaccination DaysLocations
Al-Orouba Clinic

Saturday, Monday, Wednesday

Ali Bin Abi Talib neighborhood, Traffic Department
Sidi Hussein Health CenterSaturday, Monday, WednesdaySidi Hussein next to the Benghazi Diabetes Center
Al-Mukhtar ClinicSunday, Tuesday, ThursdayArd Al-Sheriff
New Benghazi Health CenterSaturday, MondayAl-Laithi Area, near the Civil Registry, new Benghazi
Ras Obeida Health CenterSunday, Tuesday, Thursday20 Street
Al-Kish ClinicSunday, ThursdayAl-Kish Area
Sidi Younes Health CenterSunday, Tuesday, ThursdaySidi Younes Area
Al-Karama Health CenterMonday, WednesdaySidi Younes Area ( Al-Eulwa )
Bueatni Health CenterSunday, Tuesday, ThursdayAl-Masakin Area
Al-Laithi Health CenterSunday, Tuesday Al-Laithi area near Al-Khaleej Street
23rd of July Health Center ( Al-Hawari )Sunday, Tuesday, ThursdayAl-Khaleej Street ( Laithi ) next to the Blood Bank
Martyrs of Al-salawi Health CenterSaturday, Monday, Wednesday Martyrs of Al-Salawi Area
Al-Hadayiq Health CenterSunday, Tuesday, ThursdayAl-Hadayiq Area ( Eimarat 7000)
Al-Salmani Health CenterSaturday, Monday, Wednesday Western Salmani Area
Ibn Zahr Health CenterSunday, Tuesday, ThursdayNear the Children’s Hospital the opposite of the gas station
Al-Fuayhat Health CenterSunday, Tuesday, ThursdayAl-Fuayhat Area
Sidi Obaid Health CenterSunday, Tuesday, ThursdayArd Azwawa
Al-Kuayfia Health CenterSunday, Tuesday, ThursdayAl-Kuayfia Area
Sidi Khalifa Health CenterSaturday, Sunday, MondaySidi Khalifa Area
Benina Health CenterSunday, Tuesday, ThursdayBenina Area
Al-Maqazaha Health CenterMondayAl-Maqazaha Area
Al-Nawaqia Health CenterSunday, MondayAl-Nawaqia Area
Tika Health CenterWednesday Tika Area
Barqa Health CenterMondayBueatni Area ( Pepsi Factory Road )
Martyrs of Benghazi Health CenterSunday, Wednesday Eastern Salmani ( 602 Area )
Al-Faeakat Health CenterSaturday, TuesdayAl-Faeakat Area
Eastern Sabri Health centerSunday, Tuesday, ThursdayAl-Zarireia Area
Al-Qawarsha Health CenterSaturday, WednesdayAl-Qawarsha Area
Khalid Bin Al-Waleed Health CenterMondayAl-Majwry Area
Garyounis Health CenterSaturday, Monday, WednesdayGaryounis Area
Benghazi Health Center ( Al-Madina )Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Downtown Area